A small dent in my car caused by some cretin opening his car door into me. Could also be caused by a kid pushing an overloaded shopping cart through the parking lot.
Goddamnit! Lookit that frigging DING. I'll kill the bastard.
by Tom LaBelle February 07, 2005
Acronym for "Designated Inebriated Naked Guy" He's that dude who always gets naked when he gets beyond drunk. (Acronym provided by Lee Ingraham darksaber)
Humicroav was the DING for the last clemsontalk.com party.
by Humicroav August 03, 2004
A magic word that somehow puts award ribbons on pumpkins.
Last place. Ding!
Worst place. Ding!
Down with second to last place. ding.
by Zach G. November 08, 2003
An onomatopoeia commonly used to acknowlege the presence of a skank.
::points:: Ding.
by Stocks June 22, 2003
To encourage a mate to give you a ring or call on your house
'yes mate just ding me if there's anything happening tonight'
'just give me a ding if your bored, we can fuck shit up'
by Kev YESMATE September 16, 2008
a word u use to make sentences funnier, fill in at any point in a sentence to make the sentence funny...can be used sexually and to enhance the effectivness of a statement
"i think im homo" ----> " i think i like dingers"

" im cheating on u"----->"ive been dinging around"

"ill kill u"--------> " ill stab u with my dinger"

Hey your moms roast beef(curtains) are ding-fukin-tacular
by Antonio ru-BEANZ August 05, 2008
an onomatopoeia that signifies a union break, specifically a cigarette break, usually involving at least one employee of an establishment; used in nonsmoking buildings to signify that one is going outside for a cigarette for any that wish to follow
Our waitress at the Waffle House said "Ding!" and three booths of regulars followed her outside for a cigarette.
by Metallichickx July 22, 2008
Showing more than ordinary support for, adherence to, or interest in a musical artist or brand, or name dropping.
Last night I was at the club DiNGing it up with Fall Out Boy.
by Syd Life June 25, 2008
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