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One Dime plus ninety nine Dime.
So it's 100 Dime.

Perfect girl to you got 10/10 full score. Girl with 100 Dime - 1000/10.
Your true beauty's description looks so good that it hurts, you're a dime plus ninety nine.

by windtalker December 21, 2006
38 25

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dime cents dime piece dollar girl ninety nine score value worth
"gurl ur a dime plus ninety nine dont even know what your worth"

someone who is so good lookin it hurts
Gurl look at him he a dime plus ninety nine damn
by LIl_Sammi February 23, 2005
33 27
one dollar and nine cents
Oh cool, i have a dime plus ninety nine. Now I have enough to buy tasty, smooth pudding.
by Dee Gooplah June 21, 2006
30 64