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Attack by food

steamed, fried, and cooked in other ways chinese food such as dumplings etc, delivered to the field of battle in metal carts from which they procede to invade your table in small dishes strategicaly dropped onto the table by skilled waiters and waitresses before you can say whether or not you want it.

you could also call it competitive chinese food throwing, where the scoreboard is your bill.
Jabu -"dude, dim sum is attack by food"
by Mr Boiler Plate July 13, 2006
gorgeous chinese food.. like finger snacks .. eg prawn seseme toast, spring rolls, won-ton etc
let's go to china town to have some dim-sum
by gabz January 09, 2005
Serious everyone!

The words " dim sum" is direct phonic from the Cantonese language (A dialect spoken by Chinese speakers across the world)

Dim in english means " TOUCH"

Sum in english means " HEART"
Thus; " touch the heart"

Dim Sum is a dining experience shared by friends, family and good Chinese style delicacies/pastries/sweets/appetizers/finger foods from north to south, east to west.

A good pot of tea is essential for this experience. Popular teas are : Oolong, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, "longevity eye brow" * prounded : sou mei .
C: What will we do for Mother's day??!!

J: i dunno.. but to save time.. let's get everyone to go Dim Sum..

C: sounds good to me..
by -Car August 25, 2009
chinese food
yum! Yum! Yum!
i gonna get some dim sum
by Dj $nuggles May 16, 2006
The act of having a lot dicks in your mouth
Allie: My jaw hurts
Ronald: Too much dim sum last night? Theres only so much the human body can take
by Guoootchaaaaa July 14, 2012
A obnoxious nick name given to an chinese person whose last name is "Sum"
Hey "insert first name" Sum I really want to go for some Dim Sum right now. Hey your last name is Sum I should call you DIM SUM
by catlover74 May 08, 2010
Slang for Asian, particularly Chinese vagina
I'm goin to Flora's place for some dim sum if you know what I mean! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
by dim sum = yum October 01, 2009