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of or relating to a dildo
The giant highlighter is dildoic.
We had a dildoicly good time in the meadow.
This soda bottle is not only phallic but also dildoic
by Ncik May 02, 2004
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After the mesozoic era, the dildoic era is one of extreme tightness. The term dildoic can be used to describe someone or something, a time or place, or an emotion.
We are in the dildoic age.
That is dildoic.
Everything in this chest looks to be from a very dildoic age, or even from the dildoic age.
by Shon Gibdog October 10, 2003
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A word or phrase that is knowingly/unknowingly also a reference to the popular penis shaped sex toy. A very specific euphemism.
"strap-on, father! it's going to be one hell of a ride" the marketing slogan for a new up and coming catholic internet service provider, was unfortunately dildoic in reference.
by catholicinternetprovider January 04, 2014
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