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a dumb ass girl/guy who thinks she/he is the shit will talk shit about you when you didnt do shit to them they think you are trying to hit on them or be friends to them when in reality you dont really give a damn about them your just conversating and they must make it a point that they feel better then you or thinks your conversation is stupid and has to make it a point to let you know she feels more mature then you. and seem to have a hatred towards the opposite race at the same time.
garfield: hey J grab me a beer!

J:ok! walks to fridge "excuse me" (to random girl)

Random girl: "rollz eyes" pssh whatever!

J: heres your beer bro, did you see that dike yetti?

Garfield: ya fuck that dike yetti ass bitch!
by VIRUS May 21, 2012

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