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In an episode of Viva La Bam, the host Bam Margera tells Rake Yohn that they are going to do a skit where Rake hits the pinata but instead of real bees he tells rake that he will have to pay out thousands on Digital Bees because real bees are too dangerous.

Turns out the do use real bees and Rake gets stung real bad, and its hilarious....
bam - 'im going to tell Rake to take off his shirt cos it looks all 3d and s**t on the camera so he gets stung extra!'
by KimmyOsbourne April 07, 2004
The shit Rake Yohn got stung with on a Viva La Bam episode.
Rake shows up at Bam's house, thinking they're going to do a skit where Rake hits a pin yata, then they edit the footage it so it looks like the pin yata was full of bees (hince the term "Digital Bees") little does he know, the pin yata really is full of bees, and he gets the shit stung out of him when he hits it. HAHAHAH GOOD STUFF
by Joe Caulfield aka HolyCrapItsJoe February 22, 2004
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