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A person who is a poser and thinks they are the shit.
Diddle Biddle: "yo broskis, whats happening"
Not a Diddle Biddle: "Hey man, what it is?"
Diddle Biddle: "Nothin man, just about to drop in the sweet ramp"
Not a Diddle Biddle: " Thats cool"
Diddle Biddle: "yup, peace bros"
(Not a Diddle Biddle turn to a friend)
Not a Diddle Biddle: "That kid was a Diddle Biddle"
Friend of Not a Diddle Biddle: "word!"

Other example

Dude, i just stepped on your headphones...Im a Diddle Biddle.
by Mike MR. Keenan May 23, 2008
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