A town in Oxfordshire that EVERYONE in the Uk passes through on the train at some point in their lives(Didcot Parkway), but never actually stops off at.
Has got unrecognisably better in the last few years, with a new town centre and new housing developments.

Unfortunately still full of chavs....We're working on it.
Prep 1: Sorry I'm late!
Prep 2: It's ok, why are you though?
Prep 1: Train got delayed at didcot parkway, got to play 'spot the non chav' during the wait though. Want to go shopping now we're in Oxford?
by SamuelC February 24, 2012
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Possibly planet earths crappiest town in the history of the world. Whoever believes Didcot is anything BUT a pile of penguin poo deserves to be thrown in the middle of a giant man-eating penguin mosh-pit and unable to manoever at all until he is crushed or eaten to DEATH!! However, Didcot will not be this for much longer on account of the fact that loads of decent shops are being built, which means I won't have to go to Oxford or Reading, just to buy a half-decent PAIR OF SOCKS! Didcot will be O.K and better than Abingdon, HA HA GUTTED YOU MISERABLE, HOMOSEXUAL ABINGDON..ISH SPACKOS!!!!!!!!!
Crap-faced loser from Abingdon: Oi, Didcot is so crap, I can't tell if it's a landfill site or a Furnace. Hurrraghpll!
Moi: SHUT IT Fool
Thomas the Penguin: *waddles along randomly*
by Sir Mike Rotch III December 07, 2004
Didcot a horrid dull town full of Reading FC fans and young offenders, A part of Oxfordshire that most
would have long forget about if it was not for the train station.
"I'm a reading fan and I live in didcot"
by fred_ugly May 30, 2011

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