Cell phone photos of your junk taken to trade with young ladies of loose morals.
"Oh shit, I accidentally sent one of my Dictures to my mom! Where did I put the razor blades and sleeping pills?"
by DangerDong January 25, 2009
Top Definition
A text from a male (usually one who is intoxicated, the ex-boyfriend of the recipient, or who wants to have sex with the recipient) in which the main content is a picture of the male's penis.
Emily: Dammit! Mike sent me another dicture last night!
Steve: He probably got drunk and remembered having sex with you.
by EZBaked October 15, 2010
Sending a picture of your "soldier at attention" in a text.
A guy I was just getting to know, hadn't even met yet, sent me a dicture.
by Say No to Dictures. February 05, 2010
A dicture is a picture of a dick sent by phone or in direct message. Shortened from "dick picture" or "dick pic".
Guy: Did you see my text?
Girl: Your dicture? Yeah I loved it.

Girl: I'm relieved that my dicture archive was saved on my iCloud.
by standarddarth September 12, 2014
A picture in which a person looks like/poses like/acts like a dick

Usually seen on Myspace
"I don't get it. Is this a photo of your chin or a turtle's ass and why have you uploaded it 17 times and posted a bulletin insisting that I comment them?"

"Because that angle makes me look hawt!"

"Dude, if you wanna take dictures of yourself, fine. But don't force 'em on me!"
by Jimmette July 10, 2008
1. An image used in the negotiation process when trying to attain nudes. NEVER an actual picture of the sender. Simply used as leverage to achieve desired results.

2. An image of varying file types and resolutions containing only white pixels. Upon receiving the sender claims to "not know why it isn't working."
"Audry totally fell for my dicture, I GOT HER N00DZ!!!
by coisin vinny November 22, 2007
An unwarranted and generally unwanted picture of the male genitalia
Damn, I gave him my number and he immediately sent me a dicture .
by Mwahahahahahaha! May 21, 2016
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