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1. When a girl leaves her friends to hang out with her man.
2. When a girl forgets about her friends because she got a boyfriend all the sudden.
3. Inverted "hoes before bros"
"Sarah's a ho. Everytime she gets a new man, she's always dicks before chicks. And then she comes back a month later when she breaks up with the guy and just expects everything to be the same."
by msizzle88 September 25, 2007
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synonym to bros before hoes, putting your friends before your gf
Bob: "Hey Jack! You coming to the party tomorrow?"
Jack: "Sorry, my gf is making me go shopping with her."
Bob: "Dude! We planned this weeks ago. Whatever happened to dicks before chicks? "
by xprettynpinkx April 20, 2008
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