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Three definitions:

1. To be used as an expression of excitement or exclamation.
2. When one is severely angry or disappointed in a particular outcome.
3. When one wishes to initiate an exciting adventure.

The meaning of the word is defined by the connotations of tone.
1. Dicks Ahoy, that was a good sandwich!
2. Why did Ramirez not pass the ball? Dicks Ahoy!
3. Gordon, load up the packhorses, we are going to Mansfield! Dicks Ahoy!
by Ham Fruits May 25, 2011

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The process of dipping your penis into moist cookie dough and then having your partner gargle it.
Jamal had waited all day for Gabi to Dicks Ahoy him while watching Pokemon.
by dil3mma October 15, 2014