a.k.a. cock bobber, a self rightous egomaniac,fukkin retarted asshole lickin,poop tart smelling,piece of shit eating,fukk
"hey you,why are you playing with your dog like that you fukkin retarted dick lick"
by hewhoeatsturdballs November 26, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who is annoying or immature who also happens to like dick.
Shut the fuck up you stupid dicklick
by eugenedanyo July 12, 2006
one (usually male) who is something of an asshole who enjoys self-gratification at the expense of others.
dude: so whats up
asshole: you are gay
dude: f off dick lick
by Kais June 28, 2004
Basically a term for someone who sucks. A loser.
You're such a dicklick.
by Sheila Serio September 29, 2004
Your average insult, usually between makes during arguments of extreme stupidity
Guy 1: Hey man, stop camping!

Guy 2: Make me you Dick Lick!
by Atticus Sullivan July 01, 2009
A total, extreme, amazing f*cking douchebag
Orion is such a dick lick.
by super uber dinorex May 17, 2009
one who licks dick
hey dicklick, whats up?
by ** June 26, 2003
Some faggot that thinks he knows all, and probably goes home and licks cum off a man's dick.
You peice of shit dick lick!
by Kyle August 24, 2004
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