meaningless insult for general use. 'oh no! i left my wallet at home!' reply: oh you dick biscuit.'
'oh no! i left my wallet at home!' reply: oh you dick biscuit.'
by clevercloggage March 21, 2009
Top Definition
A person of little or no real use. A loafer. A dumb lazy bum.
Look at that guy Doeden - he's a dickbiscuit.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
When a white person thinks and acts like he/she is really black and more bad ass then anyone else.

This is pretty much just another word for a big poser
Any person that you believe is a poser or wanna be is a perfect example of a dick biscuit.
by UniRaven May 23, 2009
Not something you wanna eat....naah, I'm just playin bruh, it's what you call a person when you're bored or as an insult.
Friend 1: Whats up bro....

by MyNameIsNotJonathan February 16, 2012
Another word for dipshit, dumbass, dick, and other derogative terms. Most likely the other person will have never heard of it and probably will start laughing.
Why you got to be such a dick biscuit about it?
by TomZeBomb April 24, 2016
What you call someone if they are being dickish or a douchebag.
Stop being a Dick Biscuit, Nate, I'm trying to work
by cavecharm October 31, 2014
Something that you call someone who is being a total douche
" Rusev is such a Dick Biscuit"
by Jakey Pie March 09, 2015
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