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One who tucks his dick or crank back up between his legs, sometimes taping it to his butt, to give the impression that he is actually a she.
I swear the woman I came into contact with on facebook was actually a dicktucker . Had to be a dude the way she or he talked. Next I won't friend him or her so soon.
by Jungle Outsider December 10, 2010
When one person is being or acting like a pussy. To the point that you can't call them a pussy anymore. So they tuck there dick under and act like they are Bufflo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.
Jason: "Dude what is wrong with Mikey?"
Ty: "Who fuckin knows. He has been a dick tucker all day"

Ty: "Have you seen Trey today?"
Jason: "Nope! Mother fucker has been a dick tucker all week."
by tyronecurtin June 20, 2011