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someone whos walks into a room and picks things up to look at them then just drops them on the floor for someone else to pick up
1. Man Randy's Girlfriend was a dicknugget today
2. Jaime is such a bad dicknugget
by Spooginator December 31, 2006
3 4
something you call your friend when he wakes up at 1:00 in the afternoon. Often it is a term that spontaneously slips the tongue because you cannot think of a better insult.
Friend: Damn, I slept till 1?
You: Yeah. What time did you think it would be? You've practically slept all day you dick nugget!
by fadsfdsfd February 02, 2008
21 10
crusty yellow "gold" found in over used peni
dude,jasons sister slobed my knob and choked on one of my dick nuggets
by peeeeeeeenis November 02, 2003
25 16
1.a man who is behaving badly or acting more rude, immature, insensitive, jerky, or anal than usual. deemed eligible for a major bitchslap.
*also known as a douchetard.*

2.counterpart to the female 'dis' cuntcake.

3. a man who is practicing poor personal hygeine for no apparent reason to the point it may result in a "dingleberry of the dick"
"god, it must be his 'time of the month. he is acting like a total fucking dicknugget today"
"hey dicknugget! put down the video game control... get your lazy ass off the couch and fucking take a shower. your damn taint is starting to smell!!"
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
9 3
a dick in the shape of a nugget and or tastes like chicken.
dayum boi yo didly do is such a dick nugget.
by olivia guy and zoe July 03, 2014
2 0
The poop that comes out of the tip of your penis after you get done having anal sex
I totally just squeezed some dick nuggets out of my crank after i got done with that girl.
by earzit November 18, 2010
6 6
Dick Nugget is when fecal matter gets packed in the urethra from constant anal intercourse.
You should of seen the size of the dick nugget i passed last night bro it was about the size of a football.Man I had a pass a mean dick nugget last night after fucking my boyfriend. It felt like I was giving birth...
by chevyman454 February 15, 2014
0 1
when a person is being a complete retard and you want to slap them across the face with your dick
John is such a dick nugget, I want to beat him with my dick so bad
by mikeeeeeeeeeee June 24, 2007
17 18