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a ridiculously stupid video of SIX guys in a room shaking their dicks around in basketball shorts.
"lets swing out dicks around together!"
dick slang...
by slangger May 06, 2010
216 70

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A new type of idiotic dance where one male or a group of males gather and swing their penises back and forth while chanting for the sake of gaining popularity.

"Dick Slang...WTF!?"

"First I was Rick Rolled...Now I've just been DICK SLANGED."
by Prof. Anonagonapussy May 08, 2010
90 24
1. The act of slanging dick; wiggling one's penis back and forth in a nonsexual manner. Used for entertainment purposes in cases of extreme boredom (not to confuse with masturbation)

2. a synonym for penis party, sausage fest, hanging out with a bunch of guys and no girls
1. We were bored so we whipped out our penises and started dick slanging until we found something else to do

2. There wasn't much to do today so I just dick slanged at my friend's house with a bunch of other dick slangers, dick slanging together to pass the time
by KingofDickslanging August 13, 2010
59 11
A dance move where you swing your balls and dick back and forth causing them to bounce up and down
I was just out there doing the Dick Slang on some bitch.
by Juice713 April 16, 2011
15 7
To repeatedly shake your dick with no draws on.
I'd let that boy dick slang me anyday.
by Penis Dudes 0789 December 07, 2011
6 10