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Someone who sucks a penis and then chokes on the penis/ semen. Sometimes a dick hoffer who gets a dick stuck bad enough in his/her throat, that he/she is rushed to the nearest hospital to get the penis professionally removed from their esophagus/larynx.

The word dick hoffer comes from the word dick (penis) and the word hoff, which is an otomotopia for someone choking on a large object.

The word Dick Hoffer is used to describe someone who frequently gives head. I mean really REALLY frequently.

-Sometimes used in referrence to someonewho is annoying, stupid, a jerk, etc.
"Dont go out with that girl, dude. She's a dick hoffer big time.

"Damn, that guy is such a dick hoffer."

"Dude, dont be such a fucking dick hoffer!"
by Jenou January 19, 2007
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