some1 who is a slut...takez in a lotta dick

created by my nigga J-Wattz
J-Wattz: damn that bitch iz a dick dumster!
Dylan: a wut???
J-Wattz: a dick dumpster...u kno a dumpster gets filled wit a lotta stuff a dick dumpster iz sum1 who getz a lotta dick a slut
Dylan: oo damn theaz a lotta dick dumpsterz out thea
by D[dot]G[dot] July 18, 2009
Top Definition
a hole where many hwang chungs have gone before, used and slopppy, usually said to slutty people
Man, what a stupid dick dumpster
by GWAR January 12, 2005
Used to describe a slutty or whorish girl.
She sleeps with everyone... she's a total dick dumpster.
by JennaSunshine December 12, 2015

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