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a slut who loves the dick
your mom is a dick bitch
A guy who simultaneously exhibits the properties of a dick and a bitch.
Chris Duran is a dick bitch, seroiously, a dick bitch
by Not A University August 27, 2008
One who displays the characteristics of both a dick and a bitch.
Every group of friends has that one cocky member with an attitude that can only be perfectly defined as a "dickbitch".

"Tony, stop taking two hits every time the pipe passes by your way, dickbitch!"
by sdmark619 April 29, 2010
A dick or a bitch are two things a real man wants to never have anything to do with. Therefore, a dickbitch, or combination of the two, is a double-negative - creating a positive. Thus, a dickbitch, is the ultimate awesome.
Erika - "Hippy, you are a dickbitch"
Hippy - "I am well aware"
Erika - "Wow, you are so cool, I wish I could be as cool as you."
Hippy - "Keep dreaming bitch..."
by Hippy Lito May 17, 2009
the two words you always end with after a tirade or many other explitives
Tyler: yo you fuckin cunt rocket piss off!

Randy: dude go fuck yourself you motherfuckin ass bitch ass dick bitch
by Hackerslasher June 28, 2009
someone who is not only a dick, but also a bitch
that dick is a bitch! fuck it, he's/she's a dickbitch!
by freshco May 01, 2005
A guy with too much testosterone pride who acts like a total asshole; guy version of a bitch.
Noah is such a fucking dick bitch!
by Rudolflover November 16, 2008
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