what you need after having unprotected sex with an extremely slutty girl
<man 1> so what did he say bro?
<man 2> the dr. said i need a dichotomy
by The Ju1ce August 27, 2003
A division, usually into to opposite parts.

To take something and split it into two opposite parts.
The rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast incited a dichotomy between the genres of music.

Think of a Magnet... if you were able to split the North end from the South end, that would be a dichotomy of a magnet.
by Qube August 26, 2003
a study of the anotomy of lesbians
Check out her dichotomy!
by DK August 26, 2003
Used in the phrase when a girl says to a guy while having intercourse and the ship has already been sailed
"Hurry up and get your dichotomy, I have an appointment in like 5 minutes!"
by Bob Faggot November 26, 2007
A split in a singular body; as in a conflict that involves two disagreeing parties with no will to resolve anything.
There is a dichotomy in the way democracy is run, the government does not communicate to the people and vice versa.
by VS August 28, 2003
two halves making a whole
and some other bs i learned during english class
penis and vagina= hermaprodite
jin and dong = jindong
loud and annoying = ditsy girls
by Jindong August 25, 2003
its like... opposites. for example, dick cheney and mother teresa would be a dichotomy
the zebra was a horse till it got blasted by the dichotomizing ray
by jason August 25, 2003

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