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If a girl eats diced pineapple, her pussy gonna taste better
-Last night I ate this girl vagina. She tasted so good.
-I bet she's eating loads of diced pineapples.
by mastertgd August 30, 2012
You should eat diced pineapples to make your pussy taste better.
eat some diced pineapples baby, yo punjabi taste like old filet o fish
by Sexay mama August 30, 2013
A term identifying big balls of cash. In the song by Rick Ross, "Diced Pineapples," he is referring to his "baby" and that her big balls of cash taste the best.
Yo, check out my diced pineapples! Ballin' son!

Yesterday, I deposited my check at my nearest Suntrust bank and told the cashier to accept my diced pineapples.
by HipHopTermsDefined November 10, 2012
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