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The art of harnessing the power of explosive diarrhea as a self defense weapon. - Projectile poo.

When combined with some kicks punches chops and other karati techniques, a burning hot diarrhea blast the the face of one's opponent can mean the difference between life and death.

First there was karati - martial arts.
Then... Literati - people who could meantally pulverize you with their vocabulary.
Then... Digirati - hackers so sophistocated and intelligent, they could steal your identity, become you and commit some haness crime that you will eventually be blamed for.
Finally Diarrati - People who have mastered the art of projecting multiple streams of diarrhea with shocking accuracy.
Oh man, it's a good thing you knew diarrati or we would have been ass-imilated by those queers over there by that gay bar.

Dont mess with me! I know diarrati!

My eyes are still burning cauz someone pulled a gave me a double-punch-mid-air-roundhouse with a spinning-diarrati-roundass to finish it off.

You should practice your diarrata's daily. (diarrhea katta's)
- Preferably in the diarrojo. (diarrhea dojo)
by Max December 30, 2004

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