A brilliant minded person who is always right and will be totally in charge of the movies at A-LAN 1.

Also DG is a exceptional CSS player and Axer should let him play in mroe clan matches.
Joe: DG can i bring some films to the lan?

DG: No joe you f****** cant i'm in charge of the films and the only movie your getting to watch is commando!
by Joe Riches February 02, 2005
Full form : Deemag Gandu
Highly intoxicating type of virus found in people who have high credential to make people insane causing tremendous unreparable damage to your brain
Abe saale DG mat kar
by SPA ite April 05, 2006
Short for dollar general. Meaning something is of poor quality.
You can get dg bread, and dg clothes, but never get a dg girl!
by michaelstands May 21, 2004
Dead girl. They are often found roaming the streets of the inner cities or anywhere for that matter in their rigor-mortis like stance. They often congregate together. In a more advanced state than POGS-passed out girls
Dude, Natalya, check out alla those DG's!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 09, 2003
A hermaphrodite. Short for "dick girl".
I stopped reading the doujin when it got to the part with the DGs.
by SailorH May 24, 2003
An amazing man who is kind and generous. DG make amazing lovers, and are very romantic. Many people admire Danny Gomez and wish that they could be a DG, or were dating a DG. DG are generally very intelligent. DG tend to fall for girls named (Female Name Here). Danny G and (Female Name Here)share a kind of love that can usually only be seen in fairytales. They may go through many trials but they will always love eachother no matter what happens. DG are amazing and everyone should know this. Any Female that has a Danny Gomez fall in love with her should understand how lucky she really is.
Person 1 "You know that guy Danny Gomez"
Person 2 "ya, he's amazing"
Person 1 "I know, I wish he was my boyfriend"
Person 2 "Only beautiful females are the one that gets to be with such amazing, wonderful, sexy. kind man like Danny Gomez" DG
by Danny Gomez September 10, 2008
good or favorable; short for "der gas"
That Lost episode was unreal dg.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006

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