The hood, the ghetto, and black america.

"Welcome To Detroit, Don't get shot"

"Don't go south of 8 Mile"

"Where the weak are eaten"
by nook February 11, 2008
Detroit is a city. The city has 951 thousand people and 138 square miles. Metro Detroit (city & suburbs) is 4 million 43 thousand people and 1,967 square miles. Metro Detroit is Macomb / Oakland / Wayne Counties, Michigan.
23 Mile Rd. is 23 miles north of downtown Detroit.
by Curtis Ryan Baginski March 16, 2007
Motor City, the second largest city in the midwest. Has good sports teams, Tigers, Pistons, Lions. Detroit is always competing for the Most Dangerous City award and won it for 2007. All though Detroit has it's fair share of crime you should keep in mind that it's not all "ghetto" and their are some very nice parts.
Tha D, Motor City, D-Town, Detroit might have the highest crime rate but it's not gonna let that bring it down. It has nice parts and good sports teams.
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
A large metropolitan area located in southeast Michigan on the shore of the Detroit River...It currently has a declining population-which is really sad-and a city government which is completely pathetic and useless.

I didn't even grow up in the Detroit area (I grew up in redneck-fuck Ohio in the middle of a fuckin' cornfield) but I love the Detroit area and live there now. Lots of stuff to do...Too many people out there love to bash Detroit but the town has a LOT of potential...what metropolitan center DOESN'T have problems! New York sucks ass, but everybody thinks it's such a great town. It's usually pretty-boy yuppie soccer turds and redneck sheep-fuckers that bash the city anyway...

Basically, people need to get their heads out of their asses, start cleaning up their neighborhoods, knock down the abandoned buildings and crack houses, build new shit on the vacant lots, and elect a mayor and city council members who will stand up against the bullshit and revitalize the city...It'd be nice if the rest of the windows in the skyline could be lit up at night, too, not just half of them.

The racial bullshit all over the place has to stop too-doesn't matter what the fuck color your skin is-it's just skin, after all, and we're all the same inside.

Despite the problems, it's still a GREAT CITY!
Go Wings! Go Pistons! Go Tigers! Go Lions (whatever)!
redneck sister-fucker: You live in Detroit? Aren't you afraid you'll get shot or mugged or something?

Detroiter: Whatever...go fuck your cows!
by rockhead0072 October 08, 2007
1.Home of the 2008 Stanley Cup champions.
"Yikes! I heard they're playing Detroit tonight."
by Lil' hood thang February 18, 2009
Where the weak are killed and eaten.
Clyde: Have you been to Detroit?
Joe: Heavens no! Detroit is where the weak are killed and eaten!
by KaraBoBera January 30, 2009
Detroit - noun
1. A city in southeast Michigan where the weak are killed and eaten.
Person1: Hey I'm headed to St. Andrews Hall this friday, wanna come?
Person2: In the heart of Detroit? Helll no i ain't gonna get shot.
by asfl;kdfskl4 July 26, 2008

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