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Determination is simply not giving up. No matter how hard things get, or how badly you want to just give up, you keep on going. Sometimes you just want to let go, when it seems like what you’re going for is just out of reach, sometimes you tell yourself if what you’re trying to get is worth the great amount of effort that you put in it. When things get hard, you start thinking that its not worth it, and you just want to let it go, but let me tell you this, the more pain and suffering you put into something, the better it'll feel when you get it.

-Determination is not giving up.
-Determination is not letting go.
-Determination is not "this is not worth it" shit.

-Determination is falling on your face and getting back up.
-Determination is losing feeling on your legs, and wanting to keep on going.

In my words, determination is going until your legs lose feeling, until your arms break, until your head feels like its about to explode, until your brain tells your that your done, and when your brain tells you that your done, you tell it, "Just one more time," just, one, more, time...
NEVER GIVE UP!-thats all determination is...
by abdumac September 21, 2006
The ability to put the team on your back and not let anything get in your way
Greg Jenning ran with a broken leg, that's determination
by Rominik February 07, 2011
Determination is what is needed to get a word accepted into urban dictionary.
Without determination and being willing to accept failure, you will never have a word added into urban dictionary, even if your word is not published, don't give up, try to define another word it may work out better for you.
by Went Wilson July 02, 2012
DETERMINATION is something used in Undertale as a save point of sorts; it is the object in the game that keeps you alive after death.
Playfully crinkling through the leaves fills you with DETERMINATION.
via giphy
by Blueberry Sans May 13, 2016
A concept that existed millenia before Undertale did
Toby Fox did not invent determination
by Gaydolf Shitler Did 9/12 May 23, 2016
When you are about to slip away from life, but then your 'determination' brings you back.
although you feel like nothing matters anymore and life is lost, the feeling of being with your closest and truest friends fill you with determination.*
by Someone familiar April 19, 2016
Euphemism for steroids
Person 1: Ayy want some determination
Person 2: No, you will have a dog time if u take it
by idgafahrimain May 17, 2016
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