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Desp means despondent, being in a desperate situation, sad, gloomy, hopeless; usually for a short period of time.
Hey what happened?

I failed in the exam. I am totally desp, do not know what to do.
by Redicon August 14, 2010
An abreviation for the word desperate. It is commonly used by people who just don't feel like using the word desperate, or by people who just say it to be like others.
Harry: Dude, I'm getting wasted tonight!!!
Me: got wasted last night...
Harry: Yeah, I'm doing it again!!!
Me: Why?
Harry: Because it's fun!!!
Me: You're totally desp...
by Ben!!!! May 08, 2008
derived from - desporation. anyone who is a desp should cleary cry.they may be a desp for any reason.mainly,that they are generaly a desp.
Guy one - i masterbated over the simpsons last night
Guy two - you desp
by stuart bonnington March 08, 2006
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