A weird person that doesn't need drugs to get high, but can just dance him- or herself high, much the way children sometimes will by spinning around on a tire swing, a merry-go-round, or even their own feet. Drug dealers hate them because they don't need drugs to get high.
"I've heard of her. Some armed lesbian pagan anarchist right? Hey, at least she's not a cop."

"No, man, she's a total dervish, and she's just getting back from a rave."

"Ah, shit, let's duck before she sees us!"

"Too late, she just jumped through our window laughing like a loon. At least she's topless."

"Damn dervishes, always fucking things up."
by Jane Cochran June 08, 2006
Top Definition
One that possesses abundant, often frenzied energy
"She is a dervish of unfocused energy, an accident about to happen"
by Colyflawer August 15, 2012
When you're taking a really big dump, while at the same time giving it to your girl in the pussy, you take a dildo and start ramming it up her ass. Thrusting with both penetrating units, you squeeze a log out of your ass to create a quadruple pleasure in the air.
Dude I gave this chick a dervish last night. It was the beez kneez.
by floyd+herb April 20, 2009
to dervish - to commit a blatant error, to make a very bad decision
It should have been obvious that this name doesn't go with Star Trek canon - looks like the devs dervished again.
by Marec January 10, 2010
(verb) to fuck your girlfriend in the ass right before you dump her, such that the last sexual contact you have with her is in the form of an ass-drilling.
Man, I dervished the fuck out of her last night- I'm done with her crazy, lying, manipulative, played out ass.
by Please January 05, 2006
A upcoming profession/class being seen on Guild Wars: Nightfall. Dressing dark, and mysterious, in long robes with hoods, and carying scythes as their weapons of choice, Dervish look similar to The Grim Reaper. Dervish play similar to a Ritualist who uses more melee spells than casts from afar. Dervosh will be released with one more "Nightfall" profession. The Paragon.
That Dervish doesn't look fun to mess with!
by John Tucker July 29, 2006
1) A Rocking Demon who eats souls.
2) A crazy person who likes to eat souls and dance around in his jams.
1) The Dervish was so rocking he at my soul!

2) "Stop Dancing around in your jams you crazy dervish!"
"Ya just like last time..."
by Gabrial June 09, 2005
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