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Stereotypical Arabic word used in lieu of actual Arabic dialogue in "Team America: World Police." Has no actual meaning in Arabic.
by Alawi August 02, 2005
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1.Made up Arabic word used in the movie "Team America World Police"
2. Commonly used to refer to brown people or terrorists
3. Can be used when someone has nothing else to say,or to break an awkward silence
4. Queen of Spades in the game of "Hearts"
1. "Derka Derka,Mohammad Jihad"
2. "Holy shit dude look at all those Derka's living in one house, and piling out of that cramed minivan!"
3. ".....DEEERRKKAA!"
4. "I picked up the Derka!"
by luca89 May 18, 2006
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"Check out those derkas over there."

"When I was in Iraq, there were derkas everywhere."
by SgtBrian June 09, 2005
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Any person who is Muslim or of middle-eastern descent.

(From Team America World Police, To the real world)

They are prone to anger, fear, hatred, and feeling like you are blaming them, but also they are prone to making delicious food and smoking at other-worldly capacities.
That derka is pretty hot, I wish she would show me her hair. Those fingers are really turning me on.

Me: Wanna get married?
Derka: Are you derka?
Me: No.
Derka: Astaghfirullah! (repenting to God)

At a restaurant: 1. Can I have some of that derka tea/coffee? 2. Those derkas are praying. 3. That man was such a dogmatic derka that he told me that I was going to hell for eating bacon.
by Reverse Stuck In January 05, 2009
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A word used for trolling towel heads.

Originates in the movie Team America World Police.
Towel head: *Speaks some unintelligible gibberish
by Faplover January 28, 2011
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One of the seven words that constitute the Arabic language. The other words being, jehad, muhammed, sherpa, bakkala, allah and burkha.

Ignorant Americans use some of these revered words in random combinations to denote Arabs, camels, sand, desert, islam, terrorists, koran etc.
Arab_1: Derka, derka muhammed jehad?
Arab_2: Sherpa allah bakkala burkha burkha!

Ignorant American in a kebab shop: One burkha please.
by rabidmonk April 04, 2008
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If one is not familiar with the Bangladesh language, derka is an example for everything, just as yada is in the English language.
Rezwanul: What the derka?
Chris: Huh?
Rezwanul: Mohammed mohammed jihad allah allah akbar derka derka!
by JGhetto November 15, 2006
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