A combination of a jerk and a dork. Commonly misspelled derc, with a C, but this is obviously incorrect, as neither of the two component words have a C anywhere in them.
Girl: You are such a derc!
Guy: You mean derk with a K right? There's no C in dork or jerk.
Girl: Shut up.
#dork #jerk #derc #cool #hot #uncool
by Not a Derk. December 24, 2010
Top Definition
dork+jerk=derk. This word was made up by the insane people over at he disney channel
Tudgeman-Hi Kate
Kate-Get out of my way derk!
by Grandmasta J March 01, 2003
When an optical computer mouse's pointer decides to fly off into a corner of the screen without your consent.
"I can't find my cursor, my mouse must have derked."
#derk #derking #derked #computer mouse #mouse #dirk
by southparkrox September 21, 2009
fat thighs
"she spread her derks for me"
"my derks are chaffing"
#derks #spread #chaffing #fat #thighs
by Amy--G October 19, 2008
A short person with a big with a big butt, who likes to have pirate fights with Scooter in his jungle. They also like eating chicken while looking at flowers and playing Halo 5. They bake good cakes and annoy Lulu. MAKE GOOD WIVES.
(Only cool people are derks)
I'm a derk, you're a derk, we're all derks.
#kred #lulu #cute #big booty #scooter
by MariaDerk and KatieDerk April 12, 2013
shortened form of derek, one who enjoys constant douchebaggery, qualities can be compared to that of a taxi driver
"yo you derk! drive me to that party!"
"ok, but pay me for gas i only get half a mile to the gallon"
#taxi #suck #mah #tittiez #douchebaggery
by antzpowah69696 August 17, 2009
Jerk and Dick Head.
My ex is a Derk!
#jerk #dick head #ex #boyfriend #girlfriend
by sistasarah March 02, 2013
to be a whiny bitch and cry like a woman
Man that guy is such a derk

After I yelled at him he straight up derked.
#baby #crying #bitch #wus #girl
by Firewallz April 22, 2011
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