when a sexy woman is cut off by an ugly one, and your boner shoots in so fast it goes out your ass.
Warning! Warning! De-rection!
by Dr.boobage May 01, 2011
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Something so horrific or strange that is causes an erect Penis to go flaccid.
being thrown up on ruined my night and caused a massive derection
by Trianglesoflove January 02, 2017
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When something puts you off an erection, Whan your dick goes from hard to soft!
Gemma 'daniel i wanna suck your cock now, come upstairs im gaggin..'

Daniel 'im with my mates, but come on then go upstairs an txt me when you ready ill say im on tthe phone''

Gemma ''(text) come bby im horny an fingerin myself waitin for you with ma vibrator''

Daniel goes up an gets sucked off, he now wants to fuck her ..but he smells something lifts up the quilt an her pussiy is stinkin!! he has a derection but dont wanna tell her.

Idaniel thinkin -id neva tell you im bi, cause least they dont smell an turn me an fuck him when i want just pay im too keep it low
by LankymanDan November 09, 2009
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The act of sucking the male genitalia (cock and balls) into the body, leaving a crater.
Dude is that a hairy chick?" "Naw man that's just a guy flashing his derection."
by [Insert penis here] July 30, 2011
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A feeling a male figure may get when he sees a very unattractive woman wearing an exposing outfit. The opposite of an erection.
Today I saw Liz wearing a short skirt, I totally got a derection.
by moneybanks$$$$ April 07, 2011
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