(n.) A event of the penis in which an erection is lost at an unusally rapid speed(often caused by the sight of an unattractive female). Pronounced like "erection" with a "d" in front of it. Opposite of an erection.
I just saw Rosie O'Donnell in a bikini and she gave me a massive DE-RECTION.
by D-Block(of Clemson University, SC) February 08, 2005
Top Definition
What a guy gets when he looks at somebody REEEEEALLY ugly.
Guy 1: ew, dude look at that fugly chick over there!
Guy 2: ahhh! my eyes!
Guy 3: ahhh! my dick! deeeeeerection!
by Emberlix February 19, 2005
The deflation of an erection. Not to be confused with "direction"
The direction on a derection is down, unless something unnatural occurs
by Too Much Fun In Biology September 28, 2009
the opposite of a erection
male shrinkage
I was so scared I got a derection.
When my parents came home and Sarah was in my room I got a derection
by marvin-d-martian June 07, 2011
when one has an erection and wishes to make it soft. usually because somebody is coming upstairs or into your room during a wank. And when made soft, will become a derection.
Mum: Dave, im coming to check if you are doing your homework!

Dave: Shit! i need a derection, and fast!
by elliot0084 June 10, 2008
When something is so unarousing that the male genitalia has an inward erection.
When I saw Brokeback mountain I had a derection.

The movie Nacho Libre makes me have a derection.

That ugly girl gives me a derection.
by Anonymous123469 July 10, 2006
The opposite of an erection. Usually caused by witnessing either someone who is hideously ugly.
a: 'Oh my god did you see that aboslute mole.'
b: 'Yes, she gave me a derection.'
by LOX_Lox May 27, 2007
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