1. That springy thing with the rubber stopper screwed into the baseboard behind the doors in your house to keep the door from hitting the wall. 2. The cardboard tube that toilet paper or paper towels come on.
3. Comment on something being stupid.
I just flew in from Germany and boy are my arms tired.
by James Walsh April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Noun. Cylindrical light-stock cardboard tube used to wrap toilet paper and paper towels, among myriad other paper and card stock products. Once the paper is exhausted and it is no longer used in its original capacity, it is used to trumpet one's voice around the room or venue in similar fashion to a megaphone.
My dad sounds so ridiculous when he uses that derder to make a duck call.
by Suwannee Redhead August 15, 2005
The cardboard tube inside a roll of toilet paper.
"There's no loo roll left - we are down to the derder!"
by WW_equal November 30, 2006
1.) just something to say when bored and have nothing to say

2.) a response to when someone says something extremely obvious
1.) um..yeah. der der. whatever.

2.) "smurfs are blue!"
"der der, man!"
by Bandaide July 08, 2005
Derder-an kick-ass video company that makes videos for speedball(paintball).
derder came out with a new video man its bitchin
by capt. stryker November 26, 2005
A guy who is being really stupid or obnouxious. Somewhere along the lines of those two words.
Gosh Isaiah's being such a der der.
by Ladychickann December 31, 2009

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