1.) A term for marijuana that is used so that people unfamilier with the word are unaware with what you are discussing.

2.) Synonym for dude.
1.) I just picked up same dank derd.

2.) What's up derd.
by just another derd August 16, 2011
Top Definition
The combination of a Dork and a Nerd
Sarah B.
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
Dude Herd: An 8:1 ratio of men to women showing up to a party.
You throw a party, Julie shows up with a six pack ... and twelve dudes. She just brought a derd.
by Third Reich April 24, 2009
a rocker guy with a mullet or just really long hair, ripped jeans, tight shirts, and aviator sunglasses. Good derds like trucks with tanky accessories, like skid plates, winches, rollbars, etc and old sports cars (like camaros) with tweaked engines. pounding out 80s rock including AC/DC, Def Lepard and GNR at all times. Torque talk is common, as is fixing things whether the derd knows how to fix it or not.
"fuck, my older brother's the biggest derd. he crashed his mustang last weekend when he was drunk so now he has to drive his pick-up everywere. that things got an 8 inch lift kit, it's fucking huge. but he won't even miss the 'stang cuz he's fixing up an Iroc and that things gonna be a bitchin camaro when he's done with it. he's got a 12 disc changer in the back mang."
by Buddy X November 09, 2008
Short for any name that starts with D-Vowel-R.
Derd #1: Hey Derd, How's It Going?

Derd #2: Not much Derd, How bout you?
by Werdoop March 23, 2008
Short for Druid in World of Warcraft. Druid can also be shortened to drood, drude, derrid, etc.
We need a derd to tank this boss.
by speedmccoy July 14, 2008
1. (noun) a hybrid of a nerd and a dork. also somtimes emo.
2. (noun) a detachable dick
1. "Halle your such a derd." or "Fetch, derd!!!"
2. "Zoe bought a derd on ebay."
by derdmoteddy January 31, 2008
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