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A song by the german new wave band "Falco". Also, a very well known term at the time for cocaine... which is what the song is supposed to be about secretly.
new wave raver: "Dude, have you heard that song by Falco 'Der Kommissar's in Town'?"


cokehead: "Dude, Der Kommissar's in town, bust out your coke straws!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!"
by brianxymox May 12, 2006
The name of a song by an alternative London rock band from the 1980's called "After The Fire". Der Kommissar was composed by Andy Piercy, Falco (invented the song) & Robert Ponger. Der Kommissar was the last single released by the band. The single was a worldwide hit! The correct German-to-English translation of Der Kommissar is "The Commissioner". There are at least 3 different versions of this song and all of them are about the same things... friends with money and power, drugs (snow for the nose), eluding the police, and finally arriving at death.
Don't turn around, Der Kommissar is in town.


Oh crap. The cops are coming. Don't let it be obvious you are stoned. Try to act sober and get out of their sight.
by Tim Saunders January 13, 2007
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