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The beat of the notorious and very succesful Terminator franchise; der der der der der der (repeat several times with increasing force).

Depending on the film the der der der der der der is accompanied by a 'bom bom' shortly thereafter. In the television series the sarah connor chronicles during the ending or beginning of a commercial break there is an absence of the 'bom bom' in which case a fan of the show is to tap the 'bom bom' in order to make up for the absenece of such (Im really sure they did it so that viewers would so such like, to the confusion of non terminator fans of course...).
1. When watching an episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles one is obliged to tap the beat when the commercial break is about to start of end along key to the mini title that is displayed.

2. When watching the original Terminator 1994 film's titles or ending. Again one is obliged to continuously tap the beat.

3. Anytime one gets the thought of the terminator one is to tap the beat.

4. The noise everyone makes in their heads when Governor Schwarzenegger is giving a public speech. (Dude thats the governator! Der der der der der der): Followed by tapping when and where possible.
by xI BadWolf Ix June 11, 2009
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