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1. The sound that is heard when a person who has a severe hick, southern accent is speaking.
2. The act of mocking someone who has a severe hick, southern accent.
3. A way to shut someone up when they are talking nonsense; or aggressively babbling to prove a point.
1. "Y'all, I went down der to ber der der da der der and I shot me a big ass deer da der der der.. and then I got in my Ford Powerstroke Diesel F350 Dooly pickup and der der der da der dered out to my ranch and gutted that sonofabitch.. der der and now we gonna have us a venison der deroff!"
2./3. Hick #1: Well my daddy's got a bigger truck than yo'daddy and he well..
Hick #2: Ah, Der der der da der der der!
by Bulverde June 26, 2006
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