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If one were to break into your car, then instead of an alarm, a metal claw grabs the person by the balls, and mostlikey hurts like shit; don't fuck with the persons car if they say they have one.-jamie
the man tried to steal my car, and my denver jock strap ripped his nuts off
by jamie October 10, 2004

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A fictional anti-carjacking device appearing in "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult" (1994).

It consists of a metal claw that deploys from under the vehicle and grabs the would-be carjacker by the balls.

It looks painful.
The man tried to steal my car, and my Denver jockstrap ground his balls.
by Antoine Mathys January 18, 2013
While a girl is giving you head, interlock your hands, as if you were holding hands while walking together, and then try to run away.
While Emilee was giving him head last night Jesse tried to Denver Jock Strap her
by goblue04 December 05, 2010