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perhaps the greatest safety to walk on cambell field (home of the greatest team ever led by the greatest coach ever),a peoples person with a great body, who recieved a sub par reputation after several run-ins with people who didnt like alcoholics, snitched on by tony aka bitch, but soon redeemed himself by chopping off all limbs of tonys and putting it on the police stations mail box.he went on to conquer the world bringing along rob,joey,luke and others. Calling themselves Texas and denny their leader.. they killed everything in sight. He then retired at the age of 20 and sat around all day fucking fat hispanic women he picked up while rolling in his gray and rust colored ford that sits in his driveway and hasnt moved in years.

2009-193 tackles 43 ints
2010-4553 tackles 2344 ints
got a full ride to notre dame but quickly declined it because jimmy clausen is a pretty boy bitch

he cannot die

i wish i could be like dennis melody!
by who dis boy be? April 18, 2008
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