Denis is a little game when two men/boys show each other there penis.
Man 1: Hey man wanna play Denis?

Man 2: Sure! Let me unbutton my fly...
by anonamous1289 June 09, 2011
a strange little man who enjoys sitting on sharp random objects,like tubes and rocks.tends to date bimbos but secretly enjoys austins.
oh you're just a're going out with that bimbo but u know u want that austin.
by anna koucouthakis January 01, 2009
verb. To break an object through use of one's own weight.
He just Denised that chair.
by Mikey_B December 11, 2007
close to penis just missing the p, to fuck up a drug deal...........
hey man i cant belive you pulled a denis, on that one... buying a pack of smints (you eeeeeeggggitttt)
by higuys July 15, 2006
A homosexual guy. Normally very skinny guy, who loves to drink cola and eat hamburgers in enormous amounts.Normally all he does all day is eating fast food.
wow he eats like denis. He had consumed about five hamburgers, two bottles of cola and still is hungry.
by sancho pansa March 23, 2009
dude who likes pink!
den thats a rad pink top
by itchy nose boy September 29, 2004
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