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A person who fucks plants.
"Man, oh, man. I got thorns all over my dick from that rose bush I had yesterday" Adam the dendrophiliac said.
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
69 44
(n.) one who is aroused by trees; one who humps trees
martin is such a dendrophiliac. i saw him fcking a tree in the park today.

other definitions for dendrophiliac are also listed under dentrophiliac for those dumbasses who can't spell. you should also look up "dendrophilia"
by annabanana May 12, 2005
165 71
Tree lovin' hippie scum; Dan Magner
Dude, Dan Magner is such a dendrophiliac, I saw him doing all sorts of crazy sh*t to that tree.
by T-Rux July 28, 2009
13 27