The act of having sex with and eating multiple under-aged dead animals, all of which are of the same gender, covered in taco sauce, on fire, and your siblings.
"I just had a dempsey and it was fun but now I have 3rd degree burns on my penis and no more brothers."
by gunafiveseven August 25, 2008
A lactating cow
"I couldn't put my garbage outside because there was a dempsey by my mailbox"
by colapowa August 25, 2008
-used to describe old pompous policemen who fancy themselves a poet

-grammar nazis who amuse themselves by looking up obscure words and using them in front of others to try and impress them
Did you hear that lame ass poem? That bloke is such a dempsey!
by bob legg November 27, 2007
1.A Toucan's penis
2.A group of overwieght Caucasian businessmen in their late 50's
1.hey, look at that Toucan's penis! oh its a dempsey.
2.that dempsey is eating Subway out of business!
by LIttle Summer August 21, 2006

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