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A lifestyle of being so broke, cash strapped, unemployed, underpaid, never paid, scraping by, always short for cash, in debt, finding ways to get by or create things with less money, and buying used never new.

First used by musician Scotty James and appeared in "The Demolife of an Unsigned Billboard Musician"
driving down the highway, ran out of gas, cell phone cut off #demolife

ordered a cup of starbucks, short a quarter. #demolife

self produced a CD using garageband and shot homemade videos. #demolife

worked 50 hours for my dad. never got paid. #demolife

used debit to make a purchase, hot girl behind me, insufficient funds #demolife

#demolife a lifestyle of financial struggle made up of teenagers, students, artists, writers, musicians, bands, dropouts, unemployed, and those between jobs or work minimum wage service jobs.
by demolifemusician March 10, 2013