I love her! I think she is s very good singer! I want to meet her!!!!! GO DELTA!
I love you Delta!
by Cassie March 17, 2004
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Greatest Australian singer
by Jen September 24, 2003
means gorgeous, talented, fantasticaly great and has really nice hair!
Delta Rocks!
by sjr59 September 24, 2003
Delta Goodrem, 19, is an Australian popular singer with five #1 singles from her debut album, "Innocent Eyes", and her debut album stayed in the #1 spot on the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Assocition)charts for 51 weeks and went 14 x platnium. Also very popular in the UK.

She was an actress on popular Aussie TV soap, Neighbours. She recieved an award at the Logie Awards (Australian TV Awards) as "Best New Female Talent".

In 2003, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (a form of Cancer). After months of treatment, she is well on her way to recovery from the disease.

She is thought to be a good role model for fans, young and old. She dresses apropriately while still maintaining a sexy yet innocent image. She is liked more for her singing than her looks however she is thought to be a very beautiful woman.

In Australia, she is known on a fist name bases (like other singers eg. Britney and Christina).

For more information go to www.deltagoodrem.com
My favourite singer is Delta Goodrem
by Cyberphobia July 14, 2004
One of the most talented, successful and original music artist Australia has produced since forever. Delta and her music are unlike any other, and (in my opinion) puts all other female artists to shame.
Delta has already broken many Australian music records at the age of 19. It's only a matter of time before she makes her move on the US music industry, and the Grammys aren't far away :) Go Delta!
by Spetzy May 01, 2004
Delta goodrem is one of the best artists to come out of australia. She is multi talented,she has had 4 #1's and she's the best female solo artist ever!!!!!
by emma September 24, 2003
Delta is a starfish in the sack. It has been reported that "she can't even do that right." Many protest groups stress Brian McFadden should move away from her with haste.
Her vagina is sloppy, ill-maintained and well...shit. This has been noted in Brian's melancholic lyrics and is cited as being the reason behind his sudden depression.
"Delta Goodrem and her eternal incorrect starfish position is the reason behind the XXXX flop."
by Abi-fashion-tails July 28, 2008

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