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The realization that usually occurs around thirty-five, and most typically in men who have been circumsized (it's generally unheard of in women), that your foreskin is gone, it isn't coming back, and that you miss it. Complete mental breakdowns have been attributed to this disorder (which is found in the DSM-IV-R).
Biff: Doctor Rob, what am I gonna do? I miss it so much...It's just too hard to go on without it. Is there any way to help me? Can we maybe find it on the internet?

Doctor Rob: Somehow, Biff, i doubt your foreskin is living a successful and happy life in the suburbs of Cleveland. I'm sure it more likely found its way to the hospital incinerator shortly after you were born. You've got delayed foreskin separation anxiety disorder, and I'm prescribing Paxil and Diazapam. They should help you out.
by Blenderhead91 April 27, 2010
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