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The term delanzbro, is in fact, a spinoff from the terms bro, broha, browskie, etc. However, lets take a closer look at its meaning:

-Yes, a delanzbro does carry himself with a similar air and demeanor as a bro or browskie while generating a similar appearance.
-Yes, a delanzbro does INDEED have the same sinister motives as a bro. No more need be said than Big Black Dildo.
-No, not anyone can be a delanzbro. The notorious position of delanzbro is limited to only one slot per group of friends, as the member of the group most deserving and unanimously selected, is titled Delanzbro.

With that said, there are several dead-giveaways to suggest a delanzbro's presence:
1. Immediate offering to play center in a pickup football game. As Eminem states, "Hut, hut, reaching up another grown mans butt" - perhaps the only rap line a delanzbro has ever taken to heart.
2. While sitting at a poker table, the "accidental" playing of the game "footsies"..
3. The constant denial to associate with the female sex, as his constant excuses consist of, "come onn, id rather rock out to 2girls1cup with my dad then chill wit that biddie", or the ever-so-popular, "i just wanna chill wit the bros, ill even pick up the Hieneys"
4. The tendency to always "double fist" beers at parties. Or more specifically, when asked why, the reply of "just practicing a lil sumtin-sumtin i do.. you know practice makes perfect (as he winks)"

Origin: Nicholas "Delanzbro" -S.I.'s Finest
(On a train)
Paul- Yo, Big L, u see that guy sittin across from us?
Big L- (In a Dave Chappelle voice) What in Gods Name?!?!?
Paul- Thats the tightest seashell-choker necklace I have ever witnessed in real life!
Big L- Damn straight, do u think hes, a....
Paul- You see his shirt? It says "Italian Stallion" ... do you even have to ask?
Big L- True.. If hes not a delanzbro, nobody is..

by mstapmp26 December 16, 2007

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