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A combination of jessica simpson and scott quam
Dude, that girl is one sick ass del rae
by oihwguibwrg April 19, 2004
Coming from Oregonion background.

Is commonly used as an insult for extremly slutty people.

Its orgin came from 1 girl named Del Rae who had sex with anything that moved.

See also:
whore, slut, skank, wench, hussie, hoe, cum dumpster, etc.
Nolan: Last night I got lucky!
JR: Really? Who with?
Nolan: Del Rae.
JR: Well, thats nothing to be proud of. What was it like?
Nolan: It was like throwing a hot dog down a hall way. She was so loose i got half my body up there.
JR: You probably have every ghastly STD known to man
Nolan: And damn proud.
by Floop April 19, 2004
A blonde annoying bitch who never shuts up and steals peoples boyfriends. Can only "pinky" herself. Don't ask for sex, she will NOT give it to you. Thinks she's wicked tough, until you visually confront her. Thinks she's incredibly hot and/or irresistable. Most likely stuffs bra. But if you sneeze, she will not share. She is an unbelievable flirt ... even if she has a boyfriend.

Wears the same thong for a long period of time.

Usually smells bad.
Most commonly smelt as ... fish.

Also known as "delli"

Skinny anorexic bullemic chick.

thank you.
Girl: *crying* Coty broke up with me !!
Delrae: oh, we're ... um .. going out ....
Girl: WHORE.
by yesacnoslo4 August 14, 2009
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