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Being of the homosexual persuation. A fruit.
by Ah-El March 09, 2003
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The toughest kid , besides baby salmi and kohut. Hes basically jacked and destroys anyone or anything that gets in his way. His family, especially his mother, is very nice. He walks around like a hardass but really runs a 14 minute mile, so if u wanna race him don't, ull get burned. He takes bitch shots at people and throws people but will never fight anyone. Basically, his muscles compare to those on snoop dogg.
Yo u see delmonte today, his muscles are hitting and tripping people as he waks down the hallway!!!
by Jacked May 09, 2005
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A fat,hairy,ugly ass cuban ref with the I.Q. of a barnyard animal,succeptible to ANYTHING,and will always hesitate to shower and brush his teeth.
kid:Hey whats up delmonte.

Delmonte:FUU JU NIGGE,im a real G homie!!
by Thuu Homie August 17, 2008
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1. Repeatedly making the same mistakes while soaking them in a sugary syrup of self-indulging naivete for public consumption.

2. A series of related mishaps presented to others as a good idea.

3. The object of one's repeated mistakes or related mishaps.
1. Girl: I didn't sleep with Enrique again because I wanted to. He needed me.

2. Guy: I slipped and fell so many times Friday night that I get out of work the next few weeks. Doctor's orders.

3. Friend: Sonya needs to walk away from Enrique. He sweet talks and kisses her in front of us while treating her so badly elsewhere. All he is her Del Monte.
by ynotpe October 02, 2010
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