A derivitive of deja vu, it's what happens when you watch a TV show for only the second time and it's the same episode you watched the first time you saw the show.
I only saw this show once before and now I'm suffering from deja view.
by Iron Sun February 04, 2004
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Turning on a TV show that you don't usually watch and yet somehow, inexplicably, always managing to see the same rerun episode.
Roommate 1: Unbelieveable! Whenever I settle on watching "Medium" I somehow always pick up the episode when Allison is battling the ghost serial killer played by the dad from "That 70's Show".

Roommate 2: Oh, I love that one!

Roommate1: Yeah, but this the 3rd time I've seen it and its the only episode I've ever seen! Didn't they make like five seasons of this show? Talk about your deja view!
by Tenacious Faulker November 30, 2009
The weird coincidence that happens when you decide to watch a repeat of a tv program that you've seen only (parts of) once before, and it turns out to be that one episode that you've already seen.
I've seen Seinfeld only once, so I thought I'd try to get into it watch the repeats ... turned on the tv and it was the one episode I'd already seen. Talk about deja view.
by Cabot Wonder July 13, 2009

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