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Degraw'd is derived from the pop artist Gavin DeGraw, made famous for his hit single "I Don't Wanna Be," which is the featured theme song for the hit show "One Tree Hill." 1) The term means to have a good time; to have an amazing time in fact. 2) It can also mean you had too good of a time, to the point where it's cause trouble or got you sick. Usually referring to partying. 3) It also can refer to hearing or seeing Gavin DeGraw in any form or facet.
"I'm thinking about going out later tonight to the concert. I plan on getting degraw'd beyond compare."

"Suzie was a dynamite in the sack. She degraw'd the shit out of me."

"I got degraw'd at the bar last night and i'm really paying for it today."

"I caught the beginning of 'One Tree Hill' today and got totally degraw'd."
by Keith P. May 20, 2008

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