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when a person lacks any capability to do anything right thus making everything around him become destroyed. not only he is a degenerate; this connotation is made even worse when moron is added making him a destruction to soceity. nobody likes this person, a degenerate moron can be bad at anything. Joke telling, video gaming, etc.
Guy: *In Class* why did the chicken cross the road?
Girl: *annoyed* ugh Why?!
Guy: Cuz he wanted to run away from KFC....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! isnt that sooo funny, rite, rite, am i rite,...rite?
Girl: Heh thats so not funny. omg Ur such a degenerate moron!
Guy: Wut no im not...that was funny?
Girl: NO NO it wasnt...go talk to your cat, ur pissing everyone off!
by AnonymousAtheist April 30, 2010
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